How to Get Free to Air Satellite TV

If you are interested in getting free to air satellite TV, there are a few steps that you are going to want to take, and first and foremost you are going to want to learn more about free to air satellite TV in general and what it involves.

Free Satellite TV Online – Free to Air

Free to air satellite TV means that you are receiving the satellite signals but that you do not have to pay for it. This does not have to be illegal, and if you want to get free satellite TV online, you will find the following information very helpful.

Free to air television broadcasts are sent unencrypted and may be received via any suitable receiver, so if you want to get it the next step is going to be for you to choose the right receiver and set it up to your television. There are quite a few to choose from, but a couple in particular which are considered as being the best and which will definitely be the best choices.

The Viewsat VS2000 Lite Free to Air satellite receiver is quite popular, and this receiver takes the same firmware as the Viewsat Platinum. It features S video output, 6 RCA output for video, audio L/R, optical output for digital audio, max 4000 channels programmable, Window based S/W download program supported via RS232 serial port, and it comes with the serial cable.

Another option for free to air satellite TV receiver is the Extreme View Magnum. This receiver features a MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB compliant system, zoom function with live and still picture, user friendly EPG, information bar with detailed channel info, parental lock/channel lock, timer and self help function, various channel search modes, EBU subtitle and DVB subtitle support, and so much more.

Either of these free to air satellite TV receivers would be a great choice, and would ensure that you can start watching your satellite TV for free right away. If you know anyone who already has free to air satellite, you may want to talk to them so that you can get more information and some advice on how to go about it yourself.

Satellite is definitely the ultimate choice over cable and because you are getting it free, what more could you really want? You can watch all your favorite programs and get lots of movie and additional channels, and never have to worry about paying a monthly bill.