Can You Get Free Satellite TV?

There is cable TV and then there is satellite TV, and there are benefits offered by both, but the satellite TV always tends to come out on top. There are many features that the satellite television offers that cable does not, including the price because with satellite TV the monthly cost is much less than that of cable.

Cable is still the most popular choice but this is mainly because many homeowners are just too afraid to make the switch.

So maybe you want to make the switch from cable to free to air satellite TV but you are wondering if you are actually going to be able to get free satellite TV. If you are interested in getting free satellite TV there are a few things that you are going to want to be aware of, and which will be discussed here for you in more detail.

Free to Air Free Satellite TV

The term Free-to-Air or FTA as it is also commonly referred to is often confusing to people. It means that you are using a satellite and encryption methods in order to get the satellite signal so that you are receiving the satellite television for free and not having to pay a bill each month.

There are many different ways that you can get free satellite TV, and a few examples are DSS, Nagraision, and Digicipher. Just remember that in order to watch any of these signals you are going to need to get a receiver which will be able to decipher these signals.

You can get free satellite TV legally by the way, and so you don’t have to think that you are doing something wrong by getting free satellite. One way in particular is to use the Coolsat 5000 Platinum, which has quickly become the hottest selling FTA receiver in North America. People all over the world have been enjoying free satellite television for many years now and with this receiver, you can too.

There is also the Viewsat Ultra which you can use to get free satellite TV and this receiver conveniently updates itself using the USB port on the rear of the receiver and comes compact in size. This miniature receiver is very compact but you should not be fooled over its small size.

This receiver has a USB port for easy updates and the 200Mhz processor gives this receiver everything that it needs to handle the future of FTA.