What Defines The Best HDTV Antenna

Before you take any further steps in trying to find out which the best HDTV antenna is, it pays to understand that the very concept of HDTV antenna is nothing more than a marketing strategy meant to drive people crazy looking for the best HDTV antennas. HDTV antenna is a buzzword that marketing companies use to sell antennas – that’s all; nothing more, nothing less. The only thing that you can expect from such HDTV antennae is that some of them perform better than others and so you need to devote your attention in a direction that ensures that you are able to actually pick the best HDTV antenna.

Best HDTV Antenna: Quality Of Reception

Before starting your search for the best HDTV antenna you need to take into account a few things and these include the quality of reception and also the cost and features and color zones. Not many would doubt the fact that the best HDTV antenna will have to be an outdoor antenna and not the indoor type. Next, you need to take a look at the multi-directional or directional antennae with the latter being able to pick signals that are transmitted from greater distances though this kind of antenna can only face in one direction.

This means that unless all the channels are being transmitted from the same direction you would need to pick a different kind of HDTV antenna – preferably a multi-directional one that would then be considered the best HDTV antenna in this regard.

Other factors that need to be taken into account when identifying the best HDTV antenna include the area in which you live – remote or urban and for the former a directional HDTV antenna would be the best HDTV antenna while multi-directional HDTV antennae are considered the best HDTV antenna for those that do not live too far from the transmitting tower.

Last but not least, before picking the best HDTV antenna you need to know what color zone you live in and this information can be obtained from the Consumers Electronics Association that has seven separate color zones including green, yellow, red, light green, pink, violet and blue. For best reception it pays to live in yellow zones while the pink zone is the worst. So, you need to pick the best HDTV antenna according to how well the antenna works in different color zones.

Today, the variety of outdoor HDTV antennas is wider and so it gives consumers more choices. Some of the better options in this regard include ChannelMaster and Winegard as too AntennasDirect whose range of products are considered superior to others and so you should look at these first before you make your final choice.