Selecting LG HDTV

LG HDTV is highly regarded by a lot of HDTV enthusiasts for this South Korean manufacturer employ 720p and 1080p that gives images with vivid clarity and picture perfect brightness. LG HDTV sets attribute their picture perfect quality through its core technologies allowing the users easy adjustment on audio-visual controls so they can have a pleasurable viewing experience. The core technologies that make up LG HDTV are Picture Wizard, Invisible Speaker System, Clear Voice II and AV Mode II.

According to the LG website, Picture Wizard allows users to be precise in their picture adjustments. The picture quality elements can be easily fine-tuned due to Picture Wizard. This may be why THX rates LG HDTV sets highly for their superior image quality. The other LG HDTV models use LG TruMotion imaging system so they can reproduce the clear transitions that results in less blurring in high speed action.

LG HDTV attributes its polished looks and enhanced audio to a wider sound field to the Invisible Speaker System. The Invisible Speaker System works well with Clear Voice II, which allows user to customize their sound preferences in the comforts of their own home. When watching movies or videos, the dialogue is clear and crisp.

There are different types of audio visual mode for different programs, and AV Mode II would allow the viewer to select which is appropriate, from “Cinema,” “Sports,” to” Games”.

LG HDTV has a social advocacy that inspires admiration among its consumers. They have a corporate responsibility to the environment hence they pride themselves as producers of energy saving television. LG, together with its Smart Energy Saving functions give its consumers energy saving options like the content-specific setting, and the set consumes less energy when the backlight is dimmed due to its exclusive Intelligent Sensor Technology.

The sizes of LG HDTV, if you are interested in purchasing one are 19 to 55 inches. The LG HDTV plasma sets come in 42, 50 and 60 inch models and recently they introduced their experimental display measuring around 100 inches.

Another advantage of having LG HDTV is it can be paired with other audio equipment on the company’s consumer technology line. After all, their corporate vision is to be a true global digital leader that is after customer satisfaction throughout the world by means of its innovative products and services.