No Equipment Necessary for PC Satellite TV Systems

There are thousands upon thousands of television channels out there that are being broadcast to the world for free, giving you a much greater variety in content than you would get with popular cable and satellite companies like Comcast and DirecTV. Because the Internet is global, you can actually receive information from the entire world instead of letting some executives at one of the big telecoms decide what you get to watch. With satellite TV PC systems, you don’t watch satellite TV exactly, but you do get to watch much of the same content, with channels like CNN, Fox, and others exactly as you would find them with the cable or satellite TV companies.

PC Satellite TV Systems – No Monthly Payments

PC satellite TV systems are perfect for those individuals who don’t want to worry about monthly payments. Instead, you pay for the software up front and then never have to worry about monthly payments again. Compare a one time payment of $50 to a monthly payment of $100, and it’s difficult to see why any person would stick with his current television company. The main problem is that most people simply aren’t aware that there is a great alternative in the form of PC satellite TV systems on the market, and so they don’t know that they have any choice but to stay with their current companies.

So how does a PC satellite TV system work? Firstly, you don’t need to install a satellite dish or any other equipment in your home or on your computer. You simply purchase the software, and it is mailed to your home (or with digital distribution, the software is simply downloaded to your hard drive). After running the installer and running an automatic configuration utility, the PC satellite TV system is ready to use, and you can start browsing thousands of TV channels immediately over your Internet connection. In fact, the only thing you need is an Internet connection for this software to operate correctly, so it is usable with DSL, cable, and any other Internet connection you might have.

As previously mentioned, this software is capable of streaming from the global satellite TV system, so you can watch channels from the world over. This gives you the greatest selection of channels to watch from, and they don’t cost you a cent to watch either. So what is it going to be – 200 channels for $100 a month or 2000+ channels for one upfront payment of $50? You’ll still be able to watch your favorite channels, but you won’t have to pay anything to do so.