Full 1080p with an HDTV Satellite TV System

So, you just spent $2000 on that 50” 1080p plasma TV. The only problem is that you’re stuck with standard definition programming, making it feel as if you’ve just wasted $2000 on a 100 lb. Paperweight. You want to get the most out of your television set, so you can choose from one of several options. Firstly, you can go with cable which will cost you more than $100 a month for a few 1080i channels, or you can go with HDTV satellite TV systems at a fraction of the cost for more 1080p channels on all the time, giving you even better picture and sound.

Cable vs. HDTV Satellite TV System

The debate between cable and satellite TV has been waging for the past decade with each side proclaiming its own superiority. However, the fact of the matter is that satellite TV wins hands down in most categories, including cost and content. An HDTV satellite TV system will provide more HD channels, and they will be in 1080p, as opposed to fuzzier 1080i. Essentially, 1080i (the i and p stand for interlaced and progressive, respectively) is only half as sharp as 1080p. While most people can’t see the individual lines updating twice as often as 1080i, they can still tell a significant difference between the two. While 1080i still looks great compared to SD programming, an HDTV satellite TV system will help you reach the full potential of your HDTV.

When choosing a satellite TV service in the United States, you have one of two options: Dish Network and DirecTV. These are the two largest providers, hands down, although there are many channels that transmit satellite signals for free. However, you won’t be getting the same content that you would from channels like AMC, Fox, and TNT. Also, you won’t get as many HD channels with free service. Instead, an HDTV satellite TV system will give you hundreds of channels, including sports, news, movies, and even music channels so that you can listen to thousands of different songs at once.

With innovative features like On Demand that let you watch movies at anytime and DVR which allows you to record your favorite shows and movies, an HDTV satellite TV system stands far ahead of the pack when it comes to offering great content at a cheap cost to the consumer. When you are getting more and paying less, you know you’ve gotten a great deal, so ditch the cable company and make the upgrade to an HDTV satellite TV system to get the most out of your television.